Choosing between online class or evening lecture

I’m planning on taking a fundamental oral communication class in my first semester of my freshman year, and am in the process of registering for classes now. My schedule is pretty good but I’m having trouble deciding between doing the oral communication class online or attending the class on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 PM to 8:15 PM (these are the only two options for this class; if I decide not to take it in the fall semester I’ll have to completely rework my schedule and change the classes I was planning on taking.)

I was pretty much decided on doing it online but then two people warned me against it and now I’m rethinking. Neither of them could really give me good reasons so I’m looking for some more insights. I know what my schedule is going to be for most of the winter and while an evening class of that length would be inconvenient it wouldn’t be impossible to fit in.

In the past two years of high school I’ve taken 6 AP classes online and one college creative writing class (ENG 218) online and those all were great classes. I’ve made presentations over video chats and prerecorded speeches before for my online classes so I feel like I have some experience with what some of the content of the class will be but I’ve looked through the course catalogs and all over the school’s website and can’t find a detailed description of the class.

Any advice, experience, or insight is really appreciated, I just want some outside opinions!

PS My school only requires 30 credits to be “in residence” so I’m not worried about “saving up” my online college courses for later years.

How can you take an oral communication online? I would think that this topic would be best addressed in person.

Also is this an accredited school?

@bopper uh, yes it’s an accredited school, it offers many online classes, blended classes, and on campus classes. I assume from the short class descriptions given and from past experience with online classes that there are live video chat lectures and you either give speeches over those or prerecord speeches, also the class seems to cover other things as well not only speech giving.

I would think in particular that this class would be good to do in front of people

I don’t think that is a good idea to have a communication class through the net. I feel like it is only for people who needs to learn the English language.

I personally would go to the lecture in person. That’s just me though.