Choosing between two schools

I am very conflicted between two schools and my time for choosing is waning

School A (St. Bonaventure University)
Pros: I like the campus
Sense of community
Mainly it is cheaper, $19,000 after taking out a loan

Smaller School (1,500 undergrad)
My entire family and my best friend went/are going there. I kind of want to get away from everything I Know

School B (University of Dayton)
Pros: I also love the campus
Like their academic program better for what I want to study
Larger enrollment (8,000)

Further from home (distance is important, but will not make or break my decision)
More Expensive $29,000 with a loan TC)

As an aside I am planning on doing International Studies and participating in Army ROTC, if I do ROTC and commit to it, cost will become a non factor. (Not that I would ever consider doing it for just the money)

To the best of my knowledge, neither school is particularly well-known/highly ranked in international relations. I know Dayton is a major party school so if that’s your cup of tea I would go for that.

Well yes @GoCubsGo719 that is part of the reason why I am planning on doing ROTC Army Intelligence, to get some real world applications in that field