Choosing between UCs/CSUs: what do you wish you had asked/prioritized?

Some fortunate applicants already have multiple offers, but many are also going to get pulled from waitlists having already committed to other schools. What do you think is important for those with choices to know as they make these decisions? (p.s., I see a lot about STEM majors and less about social sciences, humanities, arts, etc. Would love to get more discipline-specific input on those areas.)

Spring break is coming up in California and people might be able to visit campuses in person (if not tour).

  • What’s the best place on campus to get a sense of the culture during Covid times?
  • What’s the best approach if you aren’t really sure what major you’ll end up in?
  • How can you find out just how tough housing is to find there?
  • How can you learn how your program compares to those at the other schools?
  • Can we collate input on school climate and culture, as well as strength and weaknesses, from every campus?


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Check all of the possible majors you are interested in at each campus to see if it is difficult to declare or change into the major at the campus. The level of difficulty can vary considerably from one campus to another for the same major.

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