Choosing Bio E or M on test day?

<p>Hi, I'm wondering whether how the choice of Bio E or M is made.</p>

<p>Do we get to see all the questions first then decide as we take the test? Or must we specify whether we do E or M before the test starts?</p>

<p>If time allows, can I bubble in answers for both E and M then choose which one to score? If so, do I have to erase the section I'm not doing?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot and goodluck on your June SAT everyone :D</p>

<p>There is a bubble on your answer sheet where it asks you to fill out which test you are taking. You can take both and then fill in the test that you really want it to score. I don't believe that you have to erase the other answers, but it couldn't hurt.</p>