Choosing colleges

<p>Hi, I want your help to find some colleges that will be within my reach.</p>

<p>ACT: 26
SAT out of 2400: 1800
SAT CR + M: 1170
SAT Subject Tests: Math 1 (600), Math 2 (700), World History (750), US History (750)
GPA unweighted: 90
GPA weighted: 95 (a 100 in a weighted class would be a 110 weighted, just saying)
APs: AP Stat (4), AP World History (4), AP US (4), will take AP Macro senior year
Class size: 750
Class rank: 50ish</p>

<p>About the school...</p>

<p>Location: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, or Maryland</p>

<p>Intended Major: Accounting or Finance</p>

<h1>of students: Doesn't matter</h1>

<p>Public or Private: Doesn't matter</p>

<p>Cost: Doesn't matter</p>

<p>If you need any more information, just ask.</p>

<p>Thanks for reading and I hope you can help.</p>