Choosing major that correlate with EC?

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I need some help deciding whether I should pick a major that correlates with my activities & ECs to improve chances at more selective programs. I originally wanted to major in biology, however, I really like environmental science/engineering, business/management and languages as well and my ECs and activities don't reflect of any ethusiam in biology. </p>

<p>my ECs are pretty variable but in general they show:
management & communication skills, affinity for languages , leadership, community service </p>

<p>my courses interest-
science interest</p>

<p>What do you recommend? Does choosing a major that activities can reflect interest improve chances?</p>


<p>Your choice of major should be made based upon what most interests you academically and what you hope to do once you complete your undergraduate degree. While alignment of ECs to your intended major may be helpful with admissions, it is not necessary. As an example, my daughter is a junior majoring in physics (which was the intended major for her applications) at Harvard and she had no science or math ECs (outside of honor societies) in high school. Her ECs centered on dance and I am sure that her achievements in dance were what helped differentiate her from other high stat applicants.</p>