Choosing Roommates for Apartment Housing at UCSD

Can freshmen pick their own roommates, such as friends that request each other, for apartments? I saw on the UCSD website for picking dorm roommates, “It is required that both (or all three people) must be of the same gender, of the same contract location, and of the same college of registration.” However, if I plan on living in an on campus apartment provided by UCSD, which they said is an option in a flyer I received, am I able to pick my friend even if he is from a different college? For example, I might be from Muir, and he might be from Revelle, but can we still room together in an apartment, granted we request each other?

As a HS student, it is scary to meet new people. But it may be in your best interest to room with people you don’t know. You will expand your social circle and it will be easier to remain friends with someone who doens’t leave their clothes all over the room (or get annoyed at you if you do). Right now you have a lot in common with your friends, but will that be the case in a few months?

No, you have to be in the same college of registration. It’s the same as with dorms.

I submitted my housing guarantee today, but where can I choose my housing type? I want to live in single room in an apartment, but I did not see an option to choose that anywhere. I am at the ERC.

It may be a part of the housing contract process, but you should really be asking UCSD your questions.