Choosing SAT scores

<p>My mom told me that when submitting SAT scores to a college, you can pick and choose. For example:</p>

<p>SAT A:
Math- 71
Writing- 68
Verbal- 70</p>

<p>SAT B:
Math: 67
Writing: 73
Verbal: 72</p>

<p>On the application, you can do this</p>

Math- 71
Writing- 73
Verbal- 72</p>

<p>Although this may be true for colleges (my brother was allowed to do it with Drexel), does the Academy allow us to do this, or do we have to choose all 3 scores from one SAT?</p>

<p>The Acadamy takes the best scores from each section.</p>

<p>Thank you - no wonder why people take them so many times.</p>

<p>I've taken the ACT twice, and when I applied for SS I sent the best composite score. Should I have sent the best score from each section? If I did it that way it would give me a 28 instead of a 27...</p>

<p>I just checked the USAFA SS website and it says to send the best scores that you've got on the test. I'm not sure if they meant composite or each section. I'm going to call admissions when they get back the 16th. My scores will go up in Math by 1 and 3 in Science...</p>

<p>I did that with PSAT scores. I could have gotten 5 more points.</p>

<p>When you send your official scores from the College Board ALL your SAT scores will be sent. You can report whatever you want but when you have to send the official ones ALL SAT scores get sent. However, ACT scores can be suppressed. That is one of the distinct advantages of ACT vs. SAT. When you log-in to your College Board account to send the scores it will tell you REPEATEDLY that ALL scores will be sent.</p>

<p>But the academy will choose your highest scores of each section. Regardless of when they were taken. </p>

<p>What scores will be reported will show up on the candidate's web site. This is for the class of 2010 and 2011.</p>