Choosing Senior Year HS Classes

Hope this it the appropriate forum. My daughter is a Junior in HS and currently taking 6 credits. AP Psych, AP Bio, Honors English, Honors Trig/Pre Calc, CP History and Spanish 4.

She had 6.5 credits freshman year, 6 sophomore year and teed up for 5 next year. She is hoping to go to a direct admit nursing program in the northeast/mid-atlantic.

As a senior she will take AP Anatomy, AP Stats, Honors English, CP History and then gym & health. So, while it’s not a lay up with 2 AP classes, I do worry it has a “I am slacking my senior year” feel with only 5 credits.

So my question would be, what would be the most valuable addition for next year to balance rigor, consistency, and well roundedness?
(keeping in mind she doubled up in Science last year with Honors Bio and Honors Chem)


Virtual Intro to Nursing
Art/Music elective, she has none to date
CP Physics
5 credits is fine mom, relax
another option…?


Thanks for any feedback!

There is no such thing as AP Anatomy.

If she has not had physics, I would choose that. Otherwise, the fun elective if her choice. Since she’s focusing on eastern schools, she has eliminated UCs, where arts would be required.

Apologies, I misspoke. It is Advanced Anatomy & Physiology with a weight equivalent to AP. Combined with AP Bio it meets the requirements for IB Bio HL.