Choosing Swarthmore

<p>Yesterday my son went back to his ED school to visit a friend. He was deferred and then rejected in April at that university. At the time it felt bad for him (not for me). When he came home, he told me he is so glad he chose Swarthmore because it is the right fit for him and he would have felt constrained by the core requirements there. Although he wanted a core curriculum and is trying to emulate some of the components of that core here at Swarthmore, he is glad he came to Swarthmore for many reasons that became apparent to him during his visit.</p>

<p>Made me feel good about that. I'm glad some things in life are black and white as this one apparently was.</p>

<p>(I hope the threads created under the old forum are accessible now that there is a new one).</p>

<p>That's a nice story. I think most people, even if they <em>know</em> they must go to one school, will be happy if they end up at a reasonably similar place.</p>

<p>As far as choosing Swarthmore for me, we'll see what the school thinks, first.</p>

<p>willywonka- i think if you want Swarthmore enough, and academically you're "there", Swarthmore will want you too.
best of luck!
*achat's son</p>