Choosing the right Coop

I plan to apply to coop for housing. I want to know whether there is anyone here that can help me to classify them.</p>

<p>I look at BSC website, looks like they all have a fixed rate, so I guess prices are the same for all coops.</p>

<p>I don't do drugs or I don't look forward to have parties a lot. Which of the coops you think would be best for me who likes quiet and clean environment where I could actually study?</p>

<p>what about the vegetarian/vegan themed Co-op the Lothlorien is that one????
...i don't want to do LSD and slip on someones vomit in the middle of the night...i too am interested in a quiet and clean environment where i could actually study.</p>

<p>Co-ops in general are hardly clean. College kids cleaning showers, haha. I would suggest Hoyt (all-female), Euclid, Kidd, Sherman (all-female, guessing here). Generally, the smaller houses and the all-women ones are cleaner, quieter, and attract less of that stereotypical co-op crowd.</p>

<p>Loth is...interesting. They have their own treehouse and attracts some interesting characters. Not an especially clean nor quiet house, however. (These are all my impressions, I haven't lived in all these houses.)</p>