Choosing UMD Scholars Programs

Hi everyone,
I got accepted into the UMD Scholars program but I am unsure on what program to choose. I applied undecided and don’t know anyone in the programs, so I was wondering if anyone here had input on what the programs are like? The programs that I was thinking through were the Business, Arts, Int. Studies, Science and Global Change, Leadership programs.
Thank you so much!

Note: I just remembered its a preference-based form. Should’ve clarified, sorry about that. Nevertheless, I would appreciate if anyone has experiences on what the programs are like.

@MerlinEast Check this website out to learn about each programs offered in the Scholars program if you have not: Some posted a short video and many provide a brief synopsis and/or courses to be taken at each individual program. My kid is not in those programs that you expressed interest so cannot really comment on any of them.

Check out Facebook “College Park Scholars” to see past events or ask there.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the help!

Hello. I am trying to revive this thread. My D was accepted into UMDs Scholar’s program and she is trying to determine which three options to select? She is majoring in Biology and wants the LLC but not a lot of extra work. She had to study all the time to get good grades- so one that’s good for quiet kids would be great.

@CSJA2025 Did you see webinar last week? Contact them directly.

It’s online

Scholars in general has service oriented events. Haven’t heard of any problems with Scholars taking up too much time or being burdensome. Typically class is one day a week. It has proud tradition and experienced leaders, last I heard.

Check out UMD Facebook parent group

Yes my D went to that and will go to drop in hours tonight. I’m hoping that will help her choose her LLC.

Does anyone know the dates that they will let kids know which specific Scholars program they’ve been accepted to? My D forgot to ask last night. The students told her most kids get their first or second choices.

They said decisions would be released in early March for anyone following as long as you submitted preferences on time.