CHP:about Loma in middle earth

<p>is Loma only for CHP students? or is it a mix of CHP and non-CHP student?
because i want to dorm with a non-CHP student but I also want to live close to the honor housing?
which residence hall has a mix of non-CHP and CHP students?</p>

<p>any information is appreciated!!
thank you in advance!!!!

<p>Loma is in Mesa Court.</p>

<p>The Shire is in Middle Earth.</p>

<p>Arroyo is a mix of CHP and non CHP, and its in MC.</p>

<p>You will get a better experience at either the shire or loma (though loma is better :P).</p>

<p>You cannot choose your hall unless you want to live in CHP housing, and even then, it is not certain but only probable.</p>

<p>Just live in honors housing, I already gave my reasons in another thread.</p>

<p>thank you for the suggestion=] i read your reasons ~ i'll take your advice! it's just that i don't really know how to tell my good friend that"hey i m not gonna dorm with you", she seems so excited when she know i am goin to UCI and want me to dorm with her.</p>

<p>anyways i believe that getting to know CHP ppl is very important.
thank you for the advice i appreciat=]</p>

<p>hii does anyone know approximately how many CHP freshmen enter each year(actually attend)?</p>


<p>I am guessing about 4-5% of the whole freshman class.</p>

<p>Maybe about 180 last year? This year has the largest CHP freshman class at UCI. Very rough estimate.</p>

<p>Next year could be larger with the change to regents scholarship.</p>

<p>k sorry to barge in this thread but is there a vast difference in terms of quality of education/ good advising/ other advantages/ etc.... between CHP and non CHP??</p>

<p>thanks for the info SHoefactory=]
i appreciate=]</p>