CHP, Reg Students & Teachers?

<p>Hi all :)</p>

<p>I was denied being part of the CHP as a high school student, and wondering if i should apply once I've done some coursework at UCI. The CHP site advertises smaller classes, priority registration, better relations with teachers, etc. I was wondering, do the non-CHP students still interact with the CHP people? The things I've read online makes it seems like the two are totally different species, haha. And is it possible for the non-CHP people to build close relations with their professors without being in the CHP?</p>

<p>Thankkks :)</p>

<p>CHP people interact with non-CHP people even inside class. For instance, there's no honors biology courses in the first 2 years so they have to take the regular lecture.</p>

<p>It is possible for non-CHP people to build close relations with their professors without being in CHP. Many professors hold weekly office hours to chit chat about class... or life... whatever floats your boat... and a lot of professors [bio] allow undergraduates to work in their labs.</p>

<p>I also wanted to be part of CHP... Then someone told me "there's a million ways to be cool." (song by OK GO)</p>

<p>CHP is over-rated. The main benefit being priority registration. thats a real plus. given the state of the university, i wouldnt be completely surprised if someone was in CHP just for that...</p>

<p>All the things that CHP students have to do (hum core, social sci core) are typically open to anyone willing to ask the Professor to sign an add card. Anyone can do the honors senior thesis.</p>

<p>Yes, you "get to meet" other smart students if ur in CHP, but there are plenty of smart students outside of CHP (and some not so smart students in CHP...). there's no reason you can make friends with CHP kids outside of CHP. I don't know of any majors that offer CHP only classes (ie. math majors must take a CHP version of calc I, etc).
In terms of the various social activities, YMMV. Some kids are very active in in, some chp kids couldn't care. </p>

<p>Honestly, it seems designed to appeal to kids who are still a bit in high school mode: they simply must take all honors classes and pad their resume, whatever. </p>

<p>BTW: if you want a better relationship with your teachers, do the work for the class and go to their office hours. show them you aren't stupid. think about the material and what the implications of theories and what not are. there are plenty of kids who go class and do well, but never actually talk to the prof and then complain that they dont have relations with their professor. its not the professor's job to talk to you.</p>

<p>I guess one of the benefits is that you have a group of people/organization breathing down your back making you do certain things (take certain classes, thesis, etc) vs. just doing it yourself.</p>


<p>i don't believe it is "designed to appeal to kids who are still a bit in high school mode"</p>

<p>maybe its for those who don't want any dumbed downed shiet</p>