Christian Brothers Scholarship

Does anyone know if they have awarded this already? Do they let those that were not awarded the scholarship know that they were not chosen? Any info anyone has would be really appreciated.

My son was notified today that he was a recipient of the full scholarship. He was called by the school, they said a letter would be coming in the mail also.

@lrock96 Congrats to your son!!! So exciting! Will he be attending?

Do you know if CB Scholars need to be in the Honors College?

Thank you! He is still waiting on other acceptances so no decision yet. This certainly adds a whole new dimension to everything :slight_smile:

The only requirement I saw for the scholarship was the SAT over 1360 and top 10 percent of class.

LaSalle is a great school (I am an alumni). I think his big concern is a little ‘too close to home’.

@lrock96 Best of luck on his other acceptances. That sure makes decisions hard!

Close to home can be challenging. I promised all my kids that if they ended up close to home, they didn’t have to see me other than Thanksgiving/Christmas/Spring break and maybe one other visit per semester. That way, it would still be their experience. Of course, if they wanted me to come take them and some friends out to lunch… I’m not opposed to that…

My daughter is about 40 minutes away - that seems to be perfect! Do you have a child considering Lasalle?

@lrock96 Can you let us know when you get the paperwork for the scholarship? The wait is killing my D. She comes in from the mail box every day saying ‘La Salle doesn’t love me anymore’ LOL. We have so many questions. She will be committing as soon as we read the fine print.

@MuggleMom No paper work as of yet! Did you daughter Also receive the full scholarship?

@lrock96 We are not very patiently waiting on the paperwork. She did receive the scholarship and it solidified her choice. It was her top choice but I was pushing her in a different direction. (The other school had a considerably lower GPA to stay in her program)

We are waiting to read the fine print before she hits the ACCEPT button.

How many more schools is your son waiting to hear from? Where is La Salle on his list?

@MuggleMom A friend of mine son is a senior at LaSalle on the CB scholarship. I think it covers all but room and board. He is a business major and has done extremely well and has had incredible opportunities (and has had amazing co-ops and job offers). My son did not apply early anywhere … so only heard from LaSalle , Temple and UMBC. Waiting on about 5 more schools, a few long shots.
We are scheduled to go to accepted days at the 3 he has heard from so far …so we wIll see. Have not really visited LaSalle but it is local so he knows many students there already (maybe too local).