Christian College Teaches Dorm 'Sex Etiquette' During Freshmen Orientation

<p>Christian College Teaches Dorm 'Sex Etiquette' During Freshmen Orientation</p>

<p>By Kathleen Gilbert</p>

<p>ST. PETER, Minnesota, October 8, 2010 ( - An Evangelical Lutheran liberal arts college in Minnesota has raised eyebrows after videos were published exposing the school's sexually-explicit freshman orientation, which includes lessons on dorm “sex etiquette” and some of the finer points of sexual perversion.</p>

<p>Portions of freshman orientation presentations this fall at Gustavus Adolphus College, which is associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), were caught on video and posted by Gustavus student Phil Cleary on the website. The videos show an unsettling lineup of performances, which include two students mock-simulating sex during a lesson on how to "warn" roommates that you’re having sex in the dorm, and others extolling homosexuality and even pansexuality.</p>

<p>(Warning: graphic content.)</p>

<p>"Pansexual means we just love one another! Man or woman, male or female, doesn't matter, my brother," says one performer.</p>

<p>"I've never been happier. Every day, from when I wake up until I go to sleep at night, my soul is brimming with joy. My partner's name is Logan, and he and I have been together for six months and 21 days," says one male student. "We're in love. And Logan, I'd gladly spend the rest of my life with you."</p>

<p>One female student discusses the appeal of being lesbian. "I like sex. No, I love sex, and you do too," she says. "I'm normal, right?"</p>

<p>In another portion of the demonstration, students came out on stage dressed up as "characters" representing such things as masturbation, Internet pornography use, birth control and condoms and with such names including Right Hand Rick, Debbie Dildo, and Birth Control Betty. </p>

<p>Another skit explains the difference among various forms of aberrant sexuality, labeled "LGPBBTTQ&A."</p>

<p>On its website, Gustavus calls itself "a community where a mature understanding of the Christian faith and lives of service are nurtured and students are encouraged to work toward a just and peaceful world."</p>

<p>Cleary quoted Lutheran Pastor Rebecca Heber on the Campus Majority Blog calling the videos "graphic and, in my opinion, vulgar, appalling, disturbing, tasteless, degrading, and completely unbefitting the sacred trust given to a Christian college and an institution of the ELCA."</p>

<p>Matt Thomas, Gustavus College media relations director, told that he would direct a request for comment to college president Jack Ohle, but said he would likely decline. </p>

<p>"The types of organizations are covering this story - I just don't think we're going to help ourselves by commenting," said Thomas. World Net Daily had also sought comment from the college.</p>