christian colleges

<p>I am from the Caribbean and I want to attend a top accredited Christian college that offers both Chemistry and Biology and is either in FL, GA, NY, MA, IL or in any state that isn't too far from the Caribbean :) Please help</p>

<p>Gordon might be worth a look.</p>

<p>Majors</a> - Gordon College</p>

<p>thank you ... any others??</p>

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<p>Berry College in Rome GA; Berea in KY; Trinity Int and Wheaton,IL; Messiah, PA; Lee TN; FL Southern</p>

<p>Covenant College is in GA and has those majors - as well as an 85% acceptance rate into med school if you're thinking of heading that direction. It's a small Christian college with very good financial aid, a good academic reputation, and a definitely Christian atmosphere.</p>

<p>Covenant</a> College | The college of the Presbyterian Church in America</p>