Christopher Newport University (CNU) Chances?

Hi everybody! I’m a rising senior and am planning on applying early decision for CNU. I have:

3.44 GPA
1180 SAT
Done marching band all 4 years and am section leader/ Historian for junior and senior year
Have a connection with band director to the school and have performed on CNU’s field and in their arts center
Have relatively good recommendations and plan on doing an interview
Plan on majoring in music education and have experience teaching

I like to think I’m outgoing and have at least some leadership experience, and also know the dean of music at the school. Do you guys think I’ll get in?

Your stats seem pretty close to the average freshman profile but GPA may be a little lower than avg. I would say you have a good chance especially with the music focus and connections.

CNU is growing in popularity, so may become more difficult in coming years. Good luck!

Hi! I have an SAT score of 1120 and a GPA of 3.93. Have been involved in Student Council for three years, was an officer (treasurer, President) for two. I have also been involved in National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, BETA club, National English Honor Society, Literary Magazine Editor, and the freshman mentoring program at my school. I also volunteer some. Have attended a National Leadership Conference and plan on applying to the PLP. Do you think I have a chance of getting in? Already have had an interview and plan on doing Early Decision. Thanks so much!

CNU has become very competitive these last few years and each year the average GPA has risen. The acceptance rate is getting closer to 50%. I’ve heard it’s hard to get in if your GPA is under 3.8. They still look at everyone as an individual, so put the best application forward that you can, but if your GPA is below 3.8, it’s wise to have a backup and apply other places, even if you apply early decision.

Are you in state? CNU pools all applicants from the same high school together and compares the students with each other. This helps create an apples to apples comparison (as opposed to comparing a private school and public school with different grading scales and class offerings). Check with your guidance counselor to see if your school has a good track record with CNU and to see what the stats of prior year’s accepted students look like. It’s probably the best way to gauge your chances.