Churches of Christ Help Pepperdine Los Angeles

Hi. I’m a junior who REALLY wants to go to Pepperdine. The problem is that I’m not that competitive compared to other students. Since they’re affiliated with the Church of Christ, I want to find one near me so I can volunteer there or something. The problem is that when I googled Church of Christ, I found “United Church of Christ,” “Churches of Christ,” and some other random churches of Christ-related places. I don’t know which are the same kind of church as Pepperdine… I dont know much about how church and stuff works. If anyone is in LA can you tell me some Churches of Christ churches that are the same type as Pepperdine that I can volunteer/get involved with? Thanks

You answered your own question when you asked “can you tell me some Churches of Christ churches…”. That is how Church of Christ churches are listed in the yellow pages of telephone books and probablybshow up in google searches.

As a United Church of Christ pastor I don’t think you will have much luck with this approach. The C of C congregations are very conservative. They will see through your insincerity quickly if you are not a born again Christian.

ARE you a conservative Christian? Can you follow the religious requirements at Pepperdine?

What part of LA?

My son just got in to Pepperdine (a total reach for him). We are not religious at all and he was open and honest about that in his application. I know it feels scary and risky to be completely transparent when you think you might be judged, but you deserve to be at a school that wants you for your own awesome unique qualities. Be honest and sincere about who you are and what you care about. What other aspects of your life demonstrate your service to others, compassion, respect, honesty and kindness? Tell them! These are qualities all people value regardless of faith. Good luck!

If you are already wrapping-up your junior year and you’re grades aren’t competive, the ship may have already sailed. Your next best bet would be a cc transfer bid with straight A’s or nearly so. Alternatively, there are lots of other good colleges in California with lower admittance thresholds, our family traveled to many of them and several would have been good fits, as well.

I believe only 7% of the student body is from church of Christ. I attend a CofC in Texas. Thankfully, Pepperdine is on the liberal end for CofC and it is welcoming to people of all faiths. African-American CofCs tend to be very fundamentalist. You could probably contact the Pepperdine campus ministry if you really want to attend a CofC in the area. They probably have a listing of options.

What are your stats? Pepperdine is kind of hit or miss, honestly. CofC might give you a little bit of a leg up, but if you tell the truth and NAIL your essays you have an even better shot.

Thank you guys for the replys. All of my threads were written out of pure panic when I was sure I wouldn’t get in. I in no way want to be someone that I’m not. I now realize that it’s important to do what I love. I wrote this simply because I watched a few videos of church of Christ people who got in and thought that was my only way. Although Pepperdine is still my dream school, I believe if I show them who I really am to the best of my ability, I have a great chance of being accepted. If not, then they don’t know what they’re missing! PS I am doing really good in school and working hard to be the best I can be!

@tinytownmom What were your son’s stats (GPA/Test Scores)?