CI - June 24-27

<p>atending CI this week and as a parent wondering what we need to bring for us, not the student. How was it?</p>

<p>Enough18, I went 2 years ago,and will go again this week (to some of it, anyways). There is nothing you need to bring. Don't expect to see your son or daughter much at all. Pretty much there are a lot of "assemblies" and "seminars" that you can go to and learn a lot about the school and the process. They are broken up by fun things, and you have a GW student that takes care of your small parent group and can answer questions. I enjoyed myself, and got a kick out of the energy and enthusiasm of the Colonial Cabinet. They worked hard to make it fun.</p>

<p>My daughter is going to CI session 4 by herself.
Since check-in is at 8:00 am, she would need to be in DC the night before - (we live about 4 hours away).
My question is - do the students get to stay in the dorm only for 2 nights during CI?</p>

<p>Shashushmom, someone else said they had the same issue and called the school and their daughter was able to stay in the dorm the night before. I think it is worth a try.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info. I will call the school.</p>

<p>Turns out that they do have early check-in the evening before. But I called too late....they said they have reached their capacity and there's no more room.
Wish I had known earlier.</p>

<p>I was too late too :( I called and they said they didn't have enough room at this point... Just like shashushmom, I wish I had known earlier about this opportunity! :/</p>

<p>my D was given a room for CI-eve. </p>

<p>i did call about it pretty early - because it was when i was booking her flight... the earliest flight couldn't get her on campus until 10 AM.</p>

<p>so i called about whether or not it would be problematic to be that late for the first morning. </p>

<p>that's when i asked if they happend to put out of staters up for the night.</p>

<p>i'm sorry that they don't advertise that service better.
and that i didn't post about it... i just assumed that others new about it already.

<p>It's alright 1sttimemom :D I should have started planning this much earlier, not literally a week before. Hopefully, this serves for next year. So it's worth it to inform others, even if it's late for our group.</p>

<p>thanks. :)</p>

<p>will you need to arrive late?
i could ask my daughter how the first morning would have been different if she had had to arrived late.</p>

<p>i'm sure it must happen all the time.</p>

<p>I arrived at about 11am on the first day and I did not feel like I missed too much. I was put in a row of people that also arrived late and everything seemed fine. The important thing if you arrive late is to check in at the late arrival check in and then check in with your school so you can get your advising appt. time.</p>