CIE Advanced Levels and American Colleges

Misinformed and undecided on where to take tertiary education, I ended up spending a year in an A Level program. Just months away from the AS examination, and already enrolled and being taught A2 subjects(though not paid/registered), I found out I could have applied straight out of public high school(Yeah, I’m international). Furthermore, I was told that my progress for the year amounted to nothing, and I’d blown a pretty penny and sleepless nights on zilch.

The question now of course, is whether the past year can be salvaged. Should I apply with my AS mock/final results and skip out on A2? Is there a benefit to complete my A2 examination? How will my GPA be measured? Based on the final result or an accumalation of all my term results? Will my public high school results add to my GPA? I’ve heard that having A2 qualifications can get me credits or something.

An then theres the situation in which I’m not exactly close to being a bright student. 1780 on my SAT, a GPA thats likely to be around 2.7-3.0(could be less), and ECs to cry for. If my final result is significantly better than my usual grade, will I be able to undo the damage? Can I still make up for the lack of ECs in the next 6 months? I’ve heard application letters can change everything, but will it help my case? I’m actually only aiming for undergraduate state colleges, but my near lack of EC’s means that I literally have no “safe schools”. Heck, I don’t even know how they review ECs.

If it helps, I’m currently taking Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Thinking Skills for both AS and A2. Teethering around the C mark for pretty much all of them, though I’m confident I can get atleast 3 aces if I get my things straight.

You can’t skip out on A2; that’s the full A level qualification. AS Level is only a 1 year course, for 11th graders, whereas the full A2 is completed by twelfth graders. Unless you already completed high school (all the way up till twelfth grade), you don’t need the A levels for college. Your GPA is not calculated on the basis of your A level grades, although sometimes it is done. This scale is used:
A* - 4.0
A - 4.0
B - 3.7
C - 3.0
D - 2.3
E - 2.0
U - 0