Circle in the Square (summer program)

<p>My D was just accepted to CITS for the 2010 summer program. She is 17 and will be entering her senior year in high school in the Fall. Are there others who applied? Were accepted? Are going? What are you doing for housing?
D was also accepted to the CMU pre-college drama program. Any input on the pros/cons of these 2 options is appreciated.
PM me if you'd like.</p>

<p>Hi Beachcomber, I was just accepted to CITS for the 2010 summer program also for Musical Theater. I am 18 and will be entering my sophomore year of college in the fall. I am going too...I applied to 3 other programs, all which I was accepted to and one waiting to hear back but CITS was my top, dream choice so I am definitely going :)
I live in north jersey and am a 30-45 min train ride away so I will be commuting every day :)
Would love to talk to your daughter!</p>

<p>Beachcomber -- Check out NYU Summer housing. It is pricey, but especially for someone who (I assume, could be wrong) hasn't lived on their own, it's a great option. I would recommend a unit with a kitchen, as mealplan locations can be far away with weird hours.</p>

<p>The CITS program is absolutely incredible. I haven't attended the CMU program so I can't speak to its merits at all (though I've heard its great!), but at CITS your daughter will be held to a professional standard and work with teachers who have worked with some of the business' greatest actors and actresses. You are also IN NYC, given great discount/free ticket offers, and are going to school IN a Broadway theatre. If there is something playing at CITS then your daughter will be able to see it for free. CITS is also pretty tight-knit with alumni (Both summer and 2-year) and frequently sends out casting notices, etc. CITS alumni also receive discounts when working privately/in classes with many CITS teachers and have deals with many headshot photographers and things like that.</p>

<p>Honestly, spending 7 weeks living/working in a Broadway theatre is reason enough for me, but spending that much time in the city also is a great taste of whether or not you really want to live there! </p>

<p>If you have any more detailed questions about CITS, feel free to PM me. It was beyond life-changing for me, and I'd be happy to help you with more information if I can!</p>

<p>I did the summer musical theatre workshop last year, and had a few friends stay at NYU. The only downside is that their contracts ended before the last week of Circle, and they had to find someone to let them sleep on their couch for the last week. </p>

<p>I was lucky enough to find a friend subleasing for the summer. Another female friend stayed in an all female housing (not sure of the name) and it seemed pretty reasonable and I think it even included a meal plan.</p>

<p>My daughter has committed to attended CITS 7 week MT workshop this summer. Now the challenge of finding housing. We have been exploring many options: dorm style, apartment share, rent room in private home. If you know of any options, please PM me. Worse case is that she commutes (1 1/2 hr each way) from her aunt's in Southern CT, but she does NOT like that option.
If you are also attending CITS this summer and want to 'talk' to someone else in advance, PM me and I can put you in contact with D.

<p>My daughter is attending 2010 summer as well. Were also wondering and concerned about housing. Can you help? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I know someone attending this summer who was able to arrange for housing at the Brandon Residence for Women on W. 85th St.: The</a> Brandon Residence for Women – Affordable Temporary Housing in New York City</p>

<p>I know someone who attended last summer who arranged for housing through Educational Housing: Educational</a> Housing Services | It?s How You Want to Live!</p>

<p>MDA2AM - my daughter is also attending CITS this summer. I sent you an email regarding housing.</p>

<p>I just made a facebook group for the summer that everyone is welcomed to join</p>

<p>My son (17 years old/ going to be senior) will be attending the 7 week acting program this summer (2010). He is so excited to be doing this program!!! We live in N. Jersey so he can commute by bus (50 min.) to Midtown Manhattan. If I had extra room, I would love to host a couple of these girls for the summer (that are looking for housing)! I would suggest though that a couple of girls could share a suite at Candlewood Suites Hotel in Jersey City, NJ (quick 15 minute train ride to 33rd Street NYC). I believe they offer weekly rates and they have kitchen facilities! Meantime, could you please give me the facebook page so that my son could connect to others attending this program? Thanks. Carolyn Finnerty</p>

College Confidential doesn't allow links to social networking sites. If you want to find the CITS Summer FB group, look up: "Circle in the Square Summer '10" on Facebook. The program is now underway for this season.

<p>theartsedge who specialize in this kind of thing might be a good resource. they are also offering scholarships.</p>