Circle in the Square (summer program)

<p>does anyone know anything about this summer program? difficult to get into? big? small?good?</p>

<p>let me know if you have info!</p>


<p>My voice and acting teachers both teach at CITS (including the summer program) and I did a workshop with them that included a movement teacher from CITS as well. Just from that workshop, I would say it must be awesome. I'm highly HIGHLY considering attending next summer if I can get the money together. </p>

<p>I know one girl who went who said it was one of the defining experiences in her desire to pursue MT.</p>

<p>Like Sporti, my daughter's voice and acting teachers (same ones as Sporti's) from her years here at home, teach at Circle in the Square year round and both are excellent. My daughter has done short intensives for several years here in VT with other faculty brought up from CITS, always very good. As well, she has several friends both from our region and elsewhere who have done the summer intensive at CITS and really liked it. Several of these friends now attend BFA programs such as BOCO, Ithaca, and Emerson.</p>

<p>I study with Bill Reed, the singing technique teacher at Circle in the Square. This past summer I attended CITS' Summer Musical Workshop.</p>

<p>To be completely honest... CITS was the most incredible artistic experience of my life. It completely changed my perception of the arts and made me a more aware performer. The teachers at Circle are absolute gods in their crafts. The best part of it all is that they are not a trip. Many programs have teachers who are picky... At CITS, EVERYTHING is about the art and the work behind it. Teachers do not play favorites, they are completely honest, and they know their purpose... they are there to help YOU grow and to grow with you.</p>

<p>If it wasn't for the lack of a degree, Circle in the Square would be my dream school for college, and I am definitely going to pursue the program after undergraduate. I LOVE THIS PLACE</p>

<p>Ken...small world! I've been reading your posts and as I live in Vermont, would never imagine any overlap but Bill was my D's voice teacher for 5 years here in VT (he splits his week between his home, as well as voice studio, in VT and works in NYC at CITS on the faculty, and has a voice practice in NYC, also.) I just saw him last month at a show. My daughter's acting coach in VT for college auditions was A.L. (faculty of CITS who also splits his week between home in VT and NYC) but she has done intensives held up here that had other CITS teachers such as K.S. All the kids we know who did the summer intensive at CITSreally liked it. Bill always tried to convince my D to go but she had already been attending a summer theater program for years that she loved so she would never have considered making a switch. My D's college roomie in CAP, who is a theater friend from our region, also studied with Bill. And now Sporti started with him too ! :D</p>

<p>Do you still take lessons with Bill now? If so, tell him Susan from VT whose D goes to CAP says hi, lol.</p>

<p>My Ss have a good friend from our area who is currently a junior in the MT BFA program at Emerson. She attended the Circle in the Square program this summer to beef up her acting skills and she said it was well worth it!!</p>

<p>SUE aka 5pants</p>

<p>Ok, this is getting pretty freaky. Just earlier this week my daughter's oboe teacher forwarded her an email containing information about Bill Reed and Circle in the Square. The source of this email was none other than Bill's sister whose daughter also studies oboe with my daughter's teacher. Wow.....never underestimate a full moon! :)</p>

<p>Bill Reed MT Trivia: I found on one of Bill's web bios that his father Vernon was a member of the Buffalo Bills quartet of Music Man and other worldwide fame.</p>

<p>SrMoment, wow, it is a small world. I didn't know about Bill sister's daughter studying oboe. However, I do know about Bill's dad. I sat every Sat. in Bill's personal office while my D was in lessons because we live 45 miles away (an hour) and so I had to stay. For one thing, I have spent many hours reading from his library. For another, I have seen all the memorabilia, including things about his dad and framed items, etc. Bill was a hockey player in a previous life! He has a PhD from Columbia and speaks about voice around the country. His students have performed at the Metropolitan Opera, City Opera and on Broadway and some have won Emmy's and Tony's. </p>

<p>Bill has brought up staff from CITS to VT to do intensive programs that my D has done. He has also brought up some well regarded singers/performers to both perform and do workshops/performances that my D got to be a part of and also perform at. During my D's last year at home, at the Audra MacDonald concert in our state, there was a "pre-show" for benefactors/supporters and Bill was the featured speaker regarding voice and he had one student perform to demonstrate the legit soprano voice and one to perform and demonstrate the belt voice and my D was the one with the belt voice, albeit on crutches. Bill tends to be humorous in his presentations as a speaker. He definitely knows a lot about voice. </p>

<p>I didn't realize it but my D's tap teacher at CAP21 last year is on the faculty at CITS too.</p>

<p>My d attended Circle last summer also. We attended the end-of-program cabaret night at the Triad and all were absolutely amazing. BUT kenmarksnj was a real showstopper. We'll never be able to hear "I Love a Piano" again without thinking of his inspired rendition... I had great trepidation about d finding herself an apartment to share and living in Harlem for the summer, but she managed beautifully (even though it may still be another month or so before my heart rate is back to normal and I can breathe again...). She also said she'd LOVE to go back even after finishing her BFA... A fantastic experience on many levels......</p>

<p>maggie griffin smith is the best ever!</p>

<p>i was just accepted as MT for the summer program at CITS...</p>

<p>Im kinda in between NYU's CAP 21 program and CITS...</p>

<p>anyone else did either one? any information would be great!</p>


<p>PM me? thanks!</p>


<p>I auditioned for the program yesterday. I think it went well, but it seems that they are missing my recommendation letters (I need to have a talk with my voice teacher...) so they couldn't tell me anything. While I was waiting to go in though, there was a lesson going on in the room behind me, and the teacher sounded pretty amazing. So, I'm hoping that when they get in touch with me, it's an acceptance...</p>

<p>I'd tell you to go for it. It seems like an amazing program.</p>

<p>My daughter attended this program last summer and loved it. They worked her hard. She left the house everyday at 7 am and often did not return until 8-9 pm, but loved the whole experience. Her classmates were all different ages and she still keeps in touch with the group. It was a wonderful experience for her. Good luck!</p>

<p>Any more recent information about the summer program?</p>

<p>How intense are the singing and dance portions of the program? </p>

<p>I'm looking forward to attending this summer.</p>

<p>If anyone has specific questions about CITS summer program feel free to PM me. I went last summer and it was the time of my life!</p>

<p>I'm thinking of applying for this summer. How competitive is it?</p>

<p>It is competitive, but I know they take quite a few people. They told us that they auditioned a lot and not ALL got in. There were 5 groups: 3 MT and 2 Acting, each had an average of 16 people.</p>

<p>What is the age range in the summer program?</p>

<p>smartmom....the summer program has high school students, college students, as well as adults beyond college.</p>