Cis vs. Cs

<p>While in school during finals week I overheard a few of my fellow classmates having a debate about computer science and cis, of course everyone was bashing CIS saying that it was a watered down version of CS and that CIS majors are just rejects and etc. but I just wanted to know from people who are actually already in the field of IT if CIS is really as bad as it seems, because I myself am a CIS major but that is because, I love technology and I also love business, so this allows me to do both of my true loves without any conflict. Of course I know I shouldnt pay attention to the people having the debate seeing as they were all mostly failing their classes , but there is still some wondering that I have. My question is, is CIS really the reject version of CS? </p>

<p>Another Question does the school in which a person graduates from really matter, or is the amount of experience and nyour capability to learn new things what employers look for?</p>

<p>and not to bash them, I heard from another graduating senior that a lot of people that graduated from my school with CS degrees still do not have jobs after two years, my guess is because they didnt take the time to acquire new skills</p>

<p>Sorry for the lengthy questions, its just so much I feel I need to know.</p>

<p>CIS might be the 'reject' major. Maybe. If it's anything like MIS then it's a rejection I don't mind, MIS majors started, on average, around $59K/yr at my school.</p>

<p>Post your question on the Parents Forum. There you will get responses from many already in the IT field as well as those who actually hire CS/CIS grads.</p>

<p>Definition depends on the school, but if one of the majors is under the business division, then it is likely less rigorous technically than the one in the engineering division (or aligned with the math department).</p>

<p>CS majors (the more technical kind) usually aim for jobs and careers in software development, quality assurance, etc.. MIS/IT majors usually aim for jobs and careers in system, network, and database administration, or "business" jobs on the periphery of those roles. The more technical CS majors can typically handle the technical aspects of MIS/IT jobs more easily than the other way around, although the MIS/IT majors may know more about some "business" topics.</p>