<p>Hey. I got into UMD and was invited to the CIVICUS program. I'm still waiting to hear from other schools and about scholarship/financial aid but UMD is pretty high on my list as of now. Anyway, I read about the CIVICUS program on the website and I really liked what I read. Can anyone in the program tell me how it is and if they like it or not? How's the living and learning situation? I hear Somerset dorms are good, but are they really? Feel free to talk about anything else.</p>

<p>I am actually in the CIVICUS program which I love, love, love. I think it is the best of the living-and-learning programs that Maryland offers.
The program is great and Somerset is a great place to live (you have air conditioning and you are living on the mall--no better location, in my opinion).</p>

<p>feel free to reply here, or message me any questions.</p>

<p>i was also admitted to UMD for the fall and accepted into the CIVICUS program. It sounds like it would be fun.</p>

<p>what is that program? did you apply for it or they just offered it to you? Did it show up on line with your acceptance?</p>

<p>i didn't apply for it, it just showed up online with my acceptance and in the letter.</p>

<p>I was also accepted to the CIVICUS program but was wondering two things. I want to do the Honors program after my freshman year since I didnt get in as a freshman, is it permitted to both. Also I was wondering if this program gives any aid or scholarships. </p>


<p>do the civicus kids know how to have fun?</p>

<p>There are no kids at UMD who DON'T know how to have fun. Of course, there's a million ways to have fun at UMD, too. If you're really into partying, don't worry, you'll find like minds there. If you're NOT into drinking, etc. you'll find like minds there, too.</p>

<p>Look at post #2. A/C and on the mall as a freshman?!!!! That's an experience that only a fraction of incoming freshmen will experience!</p>

<p>i will be doing civicus if i attend UMD in the fall. I just got back from a visit and the dorms and people involved are awesome</p>

<p>I'm going to be in the CIVICUS program in Fall of 2009, and I have one question. Does being in the program consume most of your time that you end up not being involved in other things such as Greek life, clubs & organizations, sports, meeting other freshmen outside the program, etc?</p>



<p>I really want to be in civicus I hope i'm invited i emailed to see if there was anything to do to make it more likely that i would be invited but no response .. also emailed the freshman fellows business programme, no one ever writes me back =/</p>

<p>Can u tell me approx how many kids are in program? Does the dorm have private bathrooms and duo get to pick your roommate? Thx so much</p>

<p>Hi is there anyone here that is still in the CIVICUS program or was that would be willing to answer a few questions about the program. From what I saw on Maryland day and from reading the website. It looks like a perfect fit for me... </p>



<p>Watch out for bodies when you're digging a grave so deep ;)</p>

<p>My son is a freshman at UMD in the Civicus program. Here's what I know about it (but if you have specific questions I'll ask him and get back to you): When my son got his acceptance from UMD, he was invited to join Civicus (I don't think you can ask to be in it). The commitment is for two years. He lives in Somerset Hall, which is in a great location on campus (and has air conditioning). He is required to take 16 (maybe 14?) Civicus credits over the course of the two years (and he seems to really like the Civicus professors).</p>

<p>When we dropped him off in August, we turned around and raced Hurricane Irene back home to CT. I think we were only in New Jersey when I got a text saying that they were already involved in their first community service activity.</p>

<p>He loves the kids in his dorm, and I think being in the program made the school seem much smaller than it is.</p>