Civil/Environmental Engineer Job Outlook..?

<p>So I've heard that any engineering job is good, especially for women lately. And I know civil and environmental engineers definitely are one of the top choices for engineering. But honestly, is their job market that bad? Or will it be?</p>

<p>It is cyclical. A lot can change (in terms of economic and industry conditions) over four years.</p>

<p>2004-2006 = good
2009-2011 = bad
2016 = ?</p>

<p>I suppose thats always true. Is it better to just do environmental or to double major?</p>

<p>I would just say pick one. A double major is quite difficult. Civil and environmental are very similar (usually in the same department) so I would be afraid that double majoring wouldn't do that much. Civil engineers are supposed to have a good grasp on a bunch of subjects.</p>

<p>Civil can take environmental jobs but the reverse is more difficult. Because of this civil would give you more options. Most schools have civil and then you can do an emphasis or minor in environmental.</p>