civil or mechanical

<p>I'm currently a sophomore civil engineering major...having second thoughts and might switch to mechanical engineering. I don't particularly like one more than the other. My number one priority is getting a job out of college, so in terms of that i feel like mechanical is better? My worst fear is coming out of these four years putting so much work into an engineering degree and having to spend months and months for a job. My gpa is not so good either (I've been working my butt off but I think i'm just not a very sciencey person) so i want the major that will give me better chances of being hired somewhere. Also, i'm considering a minor. my school has a minor in engineering management. is this a useful minor to have or is it just added "fluff" to one's resume? thanks</p>

<p>Hard to say what the job market will be like by the time you graduate. </p>

<p>My first love was aerospace engineering but it was a down market when I had to decide on a major. So, I went into civil, which was doing well at the time. By the time I graduated, civil was in worse shape than aero. Ended up getting a job in aero doing structural engineering and just retired from a 30+ year career in aero structures. </p>

<p>Choose which holds you interest the best. </p>

<p>If you want to improve your job prospects when you graduate, raise your GPA. You say it low but didn't place a number on it. The company I worked for would round file any resume with less than a 3.0 GPA. We would still have many resumes for each open position, so the real minimum GPA to get hired was even higher. The company I worked for was a much sought after place, so they could be picky. However, with less than a 3.0 GPA it is much harder to find work.</p>

<p>I wouldn't go for the minor in engineering management unless it is only a few classes. Little or no prospects of finding an engineering management job right out of school with no experience, so not worth a lot of effort. A couple of classes on the subject wouldn't hurt except that the more engineering classes the better you look. You also have to really spend the time to raise your GPA as high as possible.</p>

<p>help!! I have to decide in a few days...</p>

<p>10 char....</p>