Claremont McKenna Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Claremont announced today that regular decisions will be released March 25 after 5pm.

Curious how many Claremont McKenna applicants are out there and how many did the “optional” application video?

My son did not submit the optional video


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My D did not do the optional video.

I was able to participate in an interview so I didn’t submit an optional video. From my perspective, the optional video was a substitution for the interview due to the limited number of interviews offered each year. I am sure overall the optional video does more good than bad for an application.

I did the optional video and an interview, but I agree I think the video was meant to be in place of the interview.

My D had an interview and did the video. Wasn’t her favorite thing to do, but she felt like optional kind of meant show us you are interested and do it. It seems like a big draw at CMC is to be able to take classes across the consortium, are you all interested in that or were you drawn to CMC for its curriculum only?

I did both just to maximize demonstrated interest even if they claim they don’t track it

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Just checked finaid part of my portal and it looks like my FAFSA was “submitted” on March 18 2021…i submitted it way before then though. Y’all know if this means anything?

“received” not submitted

Hmm…mine looks the same. Shows “received” as 1/20/21. Do you remember if it showed a different date before? I would think it was good, not bad sign.

now im mixing up colleges. i had two portals open in front of me haha but cmc still says 03/18 but i highly doubt it means anything

Claremont McKenna College - CMC Online Events for Admitted Students can anyone sign up for any of the admitted students events? i could not

I went to the link and it shows congrats and all. Does it work for everyone. Please log in the portal and see

I got the same. Assuming it’s the same for all?

Yeah i think it means nothing

Maybe they changed some of the language because today’s the day. It’s going to crawl by…

Does anyone know any hints ?

hi i was able to sign up for events… was anyone else able to do this?