Claremont McKenna Supplemental Prompt #2 Question

The CMC supplemental #2 introduces some of their freshman writing and humanities seminars, and asks

“For the purpose of this essay prompt, pick one FHS or FWS seminar topic to study at CMC. What part of your personal experience—or your desire to know more about an area outside of your experience—best explains your seminar choice? View the full list of FHS and FWS seminar topics here.” (and links the full list).

in my response, could I connect it to other classes I want to take at CMC? for ex, I want to talk about the FHS about drug development and talk about my time volunteering at my local hospital got me interested in the behind-the-scenes work of healthcare, and talk about other health management classes at CMC and its interdisciplinary approach to education (i.e. a bit of a continuation of the “Why CMC” essay)? bc I want them to see another side of myself that’s interested in taking advantage of CMC’s management/business prowess (I’m originally applying as a hard neuro major). or should I just stick to the prompt and talk about my “personal experience” and/or reasons for choosing the seminar?


I don’t understand. Why isn’t your volunteer work personal experience? It seems to work very well.

sorry, i meant this part : “talk about other health management classes at CMC and its interdisciplinary approach to education” & " taking advantage of CMC’s management/business prowess " , like not only focusing on my personal experience (my hospital volunteering), but also talking about CMC

I briefly looked at the prompts and it appears the first one is basically “why CMC” and the prompt you are asking about is trying to ascertain “why you” — why are you a good fit. These should be seamless and not repeat information.

Your volunteer information is great for this essay, but you’ll need to determine where the other information fits best.

Essentially, this question is testing your motivation & intellectual curiosity as well as your ability to communicate in a logical manner.

If you follow the prompt and pick a particular seminar topic, how you explain your interest in that topic is up to you even if it includes referencing other courses or majors.

I believe this prompt is only 150-200 words which doesn’t give you a lot of room. I would just talk about the personal experience and the reason for picking the FHS/FWS and how it connects to you. You can mention 1 or 2 other classes in a sentence if it connects to what you are talking about but they want to know what makes you unique. Just my opinion though…