Claremont Mckenna vibe

Hey everyone,

I’m a rising senior who is super interested in the Claremont Colleges and especially pursuing athletics there. So far the CMS (Claremont-mudd-scripps) team has seemed more enthusiastic and a better fit for me, which is great because I’m leaning toward studying IR or some type of social science, both of which CMC has strong programs for.

I really like the strength and reputation of CMC’s depts, and know that I’d get a great ROI and preparation for my future and career. However the social scene slightly concerns me so I just wanted to ask a few questions:

-Are the students so overwhelmingly bro-y and fratty that it’d be difficult to find more chill peers who aren’t into partying all the time? I know I can request “quieter” dorms but is the crazy party scene unavoidable to an extent as a CMCer?

-Also, how common is it that people have many friends off campus (at the other 5cs)?

-is everyone too career-oriented there, or are there also people who are more chill in regards to school

-how would you describe the overall culture socially and academically? esp for IR- is it really stressful?

-Lastly, CMC is always ranked as one of the happiest schools in the US so I was wondering if some current and past students/parents could list some reasons that make it so?

Any and all answers would be much appreciated, thanks everyone:)

also, have many of these fratty, alcoholic, Econ bro stereotypes died down over the years? because lots of threads I’ve read seem kinda old