Claremont McKenna vs. Pomona

<p>I'm interested in both schools, but tbh don't know much about them. I'm a prospective International Relations Major. I'm curious about the type of people at the schools, social life, and of course academics. Any input would be wonderful. Thanks!</p>

<p>Oh, this would be good for me. I'm looking at both for business, but I'm in the same boat, I don't really know to much about them. Pomona is slightly bigger which appeals to me more, but Claremont McKenna is supposedly stronger in business/economics.</p>

<p>The schools have a fair bit of overlap in their applicant pools. If you like both, there's no reason (cost aside) not to send in an application to each. My very, very quick responses to your questions are that CMC is more politically moderate while Pomona leans further to the left, both schools have good social scenes but Pomona's seems to have a bit more variety, neither school has an actual business major (I don't think...double check on that, though), and the size difference is fairly insignificant (Pomona does have a larger physical campus, but CMC tends to interact with the rest of the consortium a bit more, so the size issue sort of evens out...regardless, the consortium makes each school's individual size something close to a non-issue). </p>

<p>I know that the next part of this message doesn't directly answer your questions, but I'm copy/pasting it straight from another thread (the one about "Current CMC Student Taking Questions..."), so feel free to use it as a starting point (or not)!</p>


<p>When it comes to the Claremont Consortium, "how is ____ better than ____" is never a question that needs asking. Even more so than with other schools, choosing between multiple Claremonts comes down to fit (and in some--though not all--cases, little else).</p>

<p>The campus atmospheres at CMC and Pomona are very different. The campuses differ in size and appearance, for one thing. The two schools are often seen as the most "interchangeable" among the Claremonts, but they still attract very different student bodies. The social scenes are different. The interests of students differ widely. The GE requirements are quite different. CMC tends to participate a bit more in the Consortium, but Pomona tends to offer more on-campus amenities (both of these have their own ups and downs). I would suggest a visit to both campuses (and if possible, an overnight on one or the other, preferably on a Thursday night so that you can walk around and get an idea of the different social scenes as well as the daytime atmospheres).</p>

<p>The "Pomona vs. CMC" characterization that's often given is that Pomona is a bit more theoretical/scholarly while CMC feels more practical/professional. There are significant exceptions to this generalization, but it's probably still a decent jumping-off point for your research.</p>

<p>Regarding dorms, my experience is that I haven't seen as many "very desirable" rooms on CMC, but nor have I seen as many "very undesirable" ones. There's a bit less variety, in general, which can work for or against you, depending on what your lottery number is I do recall CMC being on the "Dorms Like Palaces" list pretty recently (though I could be mistaken).</p>

<p>There have been a number of threads on this topic. They can get messy, but they're probably still worth searching for. Remember that if both schools end up appealing to you, it's completely normal to apply to both.</p>

<p>Here are a few places to start:</p>

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<p>Good luck :)</p>