Claremont McKenna vs Pomona

<p>What are the differences between the two schools and which is better?</p>

<p>CMC is more pre-professional, and has great programs in econ, etc. Pomona's student body, academically, is a bit more diverse, with a slightly stronger science program (CMC shares the sciences with Scripps and Pitzer). However, both schools are more similar than different, especially when compared to any of the other Claremont colleges. </p>

<p>As for which is better...well, you're asking this question in the Pomona forum...</p>

<p>After visiting and researching both schools:</p>

<p>CMC has a focus on government and economics. Pomona was based on eastern LAC schools like Amherst and is more of the normal LAC with strengths across the board. As lolcats said, CMC is less on "learning for the sake of learning" and has some pre-professional things. Both are excellent schools. If you're interested in government and/or economics, CMC might be better for you. If you're interested in the sciences, Pomona is probably better for you. If you're not sure, Pomona is a little better because you can always change your mind multiple times. But you can take classes at any of the other schools, so even if you went to CMC it wouldn't be a big deal. CMC also has some merit scholarships, but they're hard to get. </p>

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