Claremont McKenna Waitlist Class of 2025

Hey guys it seems like there isn’t a thread for this year’s waitlist student so I’m starting one. Does anyone know if CMC already started pulling kids from the WL?

I haven’t heard anything. However, the admissions office said they start reviewing waitlist applicants at the end of April, so they’re definitely already preparing!

I read a thread about the waitlist a few years ago and people are getting off the waitlist since 4/27 and many got their spot right after May 1st so I was nervous that they might have already started releasing WL.

Also do you guys think the video response is very important? I didn’t submit one when I first applied and they said in my waitlist letter that people should send in the video response if they have not done so already or even send in a new response…

I saw those comments about the WL, too. But this year can’t be compared to prior ones, and the admissions office said just a few weeks ago that they wouldn’t announce anything until after the beginning of May (at the earliest). As for the video, if you didn’t do an interview, then it could be valuable to your application. It’s just another way for them to get to know you! I uploaded a video the first time, and another one after being waitlisted. I also wrote a LOCI. Any additional info you can give us always better, but by now they likely have started reviewing waitlist applicants.

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Was anyone else notified that the class is full?

yeah me too. Very sad

so no one will come off the waitlist? like not anyone?

They gave some kids an extended spot on the waitlist like me. I visited campus last week and talked to an admissions officer and they said we’ll know if we get a spot by the end of this week.