Claremont McKenna

I have a couple of questions regarding admission at Claremont McKenna College.

First, when I go into Common Applications, the early decision section of admission to Claremont McKenna college is not open so when would it open and would the essay topic be different from last year?

Second, how high do you think my chances are?
I have an unweighted GPA of 3.94 and a weighted GPA 4.61 (I got one B each semester in the toughest AP Class provided at our school, Calculus BC) and I’m within 1-2% of my class that has 790-810 people.
My SAT is only 2120 and my ACT only 32, but I’m currently studying for ACT in order to get it up to 33 or 34.
I plan on taking SAT 2 for Math 2, Korean with listening, and another subject and will most likely get 800 for math 2 and korean with listening.

I am also in the AP Capstone program by College Board that only allowed application for top 5% of the class, and features AP Seminar and AP Research that is rigorous and awards you with the diploma once you finish the program.

9th grade classes and grades
English I Honors A+, A
Biology Honors A, A+
P.E. A, A
Algebra 2 Honors A+, A+
Guitar A+, A+
French 1 A+, A+

10th grade classes and grades
English II Honors A, A
AP Chemistry A-, A+
Pre Calculus Honors A, A-
AP World History A+, A
French II A+, A+
P.E A+, A+

11th grade classes and grades
AP English Lang & Comp A, A
Calculus BC B, B-
AP US History A, A-
AP Seminar A-, A
AP Physics A, A-
French III A+, A+

12th grade classes (that I will be taking)
AP Psychology
AP English Literature & Comp
AP Research
AP Gov & Econ
AP Statistics
AP French

I am South Korean and I know that the chances are lower as an Asian in CMC.

Thanks for reading this lonnng discussion, and I hope a lot of you guys will be able to help me out!

also I am president of a volunteering club that is recognized by my county and was awarded bythe mayor of my city.
I’m in clubs such as American Red Cross, CSF, American Cancer Society, Chemistry Club, and will apply for NHS senior year.

I would say CMK would be a low/mid reach for you only because of your ECs. You have good grades and decent test scores (getting the ACT up a few points would help you out), but theres nothing special in your ECs besides that one leadership position. Being in a bunch of clubs doesn’t mean anything unless you have leadership positions. You might want to see if you can add anything like a sport, volunteering at some place regularly, a job, or something similar to help your chances. Applying ED would help you too

I think you are academically qualified for CMC, but they are a college that places a premium on “leadership” accomplishments and potential, and you seem to fall short in that area. Good recommendations, essays, and applying for ED could all work in your favor.