Clarification About Sending in App by Paper

<p>Im doing Common Application Paper, just want to make sure i dont miss anything. SO in every envelope i send in to the school this is what i plan to have :
Im submitting everything printed out, paper.</p>

<p>1) Common Application Itself, (1st year). 4 pages
Attached to that all the way in the back is my Personal Essay, Short Answer, Additional Information paper.</p>

<p>2) Supplemental for the school (should this go 2nd in order?) Completely filled out with any essays, if the supplement requires it.</p>

<p>3) Secondary school report (which i waived) in a white letter envelope**, school seal on it and "secondary school report" written.</p>

<p>4) Teacher Evaluation 1** (see bottom for asterisk)</p>

<p>5) Teacher Evaluation 2** (is it ok to give 2 even if a school requires 1?)</p>

<p>6) Lastly, a money order written out to the school.</p>

<p>== Also should i just include my transcript? normally? or should ask my councellor if
he can put it in an envelope, or place it along with the secondary report or something.</p>

<p>I understand that midyear reports and stuff cannot be submitted yet, but i will send it later to the schools that want it/ when they do come out.</p>

<p>** This means they are placed in a white envelope, because i gave them to the teacher and waived my rights to see. i didnt know but they all made copies for me, put them in envelopes and sealed them with the school seal and wrote "secondary.." or "teacher evaluation 1" on it. I asked some schools and they said its actually BETTER that way everything there. </p>

<p>Is everythign ok? anything im missing? also it is ok to just send a money order correct? Thanks!</p>

<p>...................comon someonee</p>


<p>U are WAY overthinking things. You're fine. Transripts will be sent by the school on your behalf. Enjoy your Thnxgiving break and good luck to you</p>

<p>^ no im not because my school gave me everything to submit, a bit irresponsible on their part but i dont mind sending everything in myself. So its ok if i just include the transcript right? and the money orders are ok as well to just write it out to the school?</p>