Clarification of the Common App

<p>Hello! I recently made an account on the common app website and finished the application for three colleges ( University of Delaware, Towson University, and The college of New Jersey) including the supplements. However, I have a couple of questions. First of all, from my understanding the common app can be submitted online so how does the signature section work? they give you a space to pretty much type in your signature and im not sure how that works. Also theres a section at the bottom labeled Student Forms that gives you a few pdf options labeled; Teacher evaluation Form, Counselor School Form, Ealry Decision Agreement, and international supplement. I know that the early decison and international supplement forms do not apply to me but i m confused about the other two. Some Questions, I already had two teachers write me letters of recommendation(and im pretty sure my guidance counselor does too) so do i still need to fill these out and do i send them in online? </p>

<p>Help would be appreciated</p>

<p>Just follow the directions for the signature section and colleges will accept your e-signature.</p>

<p>Most GCs and teachers use electronic submission of the Secondary School Report and Teacher evaluation forms. To do this, you need to 'invite' them by giving their contact information to the CA. The CA will then send them emails and they can upload these forms so that you can send them electronically when you submit your application.</p>

<p>Some GCs and teachers prefer hard copy forms, and this is OK too.</p>

<p>CC has a specific forum for the CA, so I am moving your thread there. You should take a look at the other threads there that may also answer your questions.</p>