Clarifying question - SAT score sending

<p>For the UC schools, I ONLY have to send to ONE school, and that school will then send my scores off to others, right?</p>

<p>Just confirming 'cause all the other threads are an year or old or so that ask this question...</p>

<p>Previous years, you had to send them to all UC schools. Last year I believe you only had to send 1 and all scores would go to all UCs you applied but they didn't tell people on their website until the very end or something like that.
I just talked to a UCLA representative on Friday at my school and she said you just need to send to one of the UC's and all the UC's that you apply will see the scores. Great way to save money! Collegeboard is rich enough from my SAT tests!</p>

<p>From the UCs official UC Pathways site: </p>

<p>"Report ACT and/or SAT scores on your admissions application, then request that an official copy of the scores be sent to us from the testing agency. You can have your official score report sent to one UC campus, and all campuses you apply to will receive it." University</a> of California - The examination requirement</p>