Clarifying Schedule Issues on Applications

<p>I began high school taking debate, and although I didn't place that year I did well enough to pass through to my team's JV ranking.</p>

<p>Sophomore year I had scheduling issues. I couldn't work my schedule out, so I had to take basic debate, atlhough I was suppose to be in advanced. Is there anyway to clarify this on applications- that I was at the approprate level for advanced debate, but I didn't have the time to take it? If I can't, will taking the same class two years in a row, when I should have moved up, hinder me at all in the application process?</p>

<p>I had another scheduling issue Sophomore year. My schedule didn't allow me to take Honors US HIstory, so I transfered in second semester. With this hurt or help me in any way shape or form?</p>

<p>My second issue I don't mind as much. Freshman year I was switched into the advanced band second semester because of my schedule. With this look "impressive" or would I need to clarify that it wasn't due to abilities, but due to time? OR since my teacher recomened I go on and that I'd be ready for it, could I clarify it as a merit thing?</p>

<p>Have your GC explain the scheduling problems in your evaluation.</p>

<p>Oh ok. Thank you.</p>

<p>I should have thought of that.</p>