Clark Kerr, should i switch???

<p>Clark Kerr sounded so good when i was applying for housing but now im reading everything on here and it sounds very antisocial and only for athletes. I got a Clark Kerr triple suite and Im not an athlete and i want to live in a very social enviornment should i try to change to somewhere in like unit 3 or is it not as bad as it seems? is it possible to do that or is it unlikely? also i dont mind the walk to campus so besides that is it a good place to live</p>

<p>its extremely unlikely because pretty much everyone who didnt get into unit 1,2,3 wants to. So there are a LOT of people who want the same thing as you</p>

<p>I actually have read is social (maybe not as much as the Units maybe) and they are not all athletes. Plus you have pretty spacious rooms, great dining and if you are a guy (which I couldn't know) there is a higher ratio of girls I understand.</p>

<p>I lived at Clark Kerr last year. First semester I was at the dorm most of the time because I was FPF and it's really close. Second semester I spent a lot of time at Unit 1 because that's where my girlfriend lived. So I have experience at both units. When it comes down to it, any of the dorms are as social as you want them to be. The people at Unit 1 were just as friendly as the people on my floor. The only caveat about Clark Kerr though, is that it's far away from the main campus. If the walk doesn't bother you, or if you want to fend off the frosh 15, CKC is okay.</p>