Clark University EA/ED 2024

Hi everyone! Haven’t found a forum yet on this so I figured I’d start one with EA coming out tomorrow (aaahhhh!!). Comment with your stats, ecs, major, what made you apply, and if you sent SAT/ACT scores in. Also, did you have an interview? My interview is what made me really want to apply to Clark.

Thank you for posting this. I have been searching for it also. My daughter is in Prep school in Mass. She did send her SAT/ACT scores in.

Major: Computer Science
SAT: 1460 Super scored
ACT: 31
GPA: Not exactly sure but probably A/B+ (I don’t micromanage)
Serveral AP classes

She did not interview but we did tour. This is one of her safety schools but she is willing to attend if they come through financially. Fingers crossed for everyone.

My son:

Major: Undecided, maybe maths
GPA: 3.2? (IB 38)
SAT: 1580
Does playing videogames count as an EC?

My daughter was accepted. She received merit as well but since she is not home yet I don’t know how much it is yet. She is on her way home so I will update later.

Decision: Accepted!!
Gender: F
From: Florida
Race: Caucasian
Major: Creative Writing
GPA: 3.1 unweighted, 5.5 weighted (i’m in IB)
SAT: 1350 (760 ERW, 590 M)
ECs: Founded the Students Demand Action club at my school, took acting & improv classes at my local theatre, wrote a novel, lots of volunteer hours bc of IB including service projects, attended the ACLU Summer Advocacy Institute & Running Start’s Young Women’s Political Leadership Program (both weeklong summer programs in D.C. for politically active teenagers)
What made me apply: I was born in Massachusetts so I was looking for schools in MA that weren’t like Harvard or Brandeis or really hard to get into lmao and Clark seemed like a perfect fit bc of the location & majors they off & the vibe they gave off!

I was accepted with Goddard!!! The acceptance letter was so nice and felt ver personal too.

Son in with Traina. Nice pre-Xmas gift!

We have the Traina scholarship also.

Decision: Accepted!!
Gender: Female
From: Connecticut
Race: Caucasian
Major: Education
GPA: 99.3/100
SAT: 1550 (770 ERW, 780 M)
ECs: Run programming for Jewish youth group, karate, basketball, theater, nonfiction/creative essay writing, religious school teacher’s assistant, cultural exchange programs
What made me apply: I’ve heard great things from everyone I’ve talked to who’s gone there. It’s a good distance from my home for me, I love the program/5-year master’s deal, I really like the vibe. Applied EA so still waiting to hear back from everyone but it’s definitely a strong contender for me.

I got the Traina scholarship as well as financial aid.

just got accepted for EA as a political science majorrrr :slight_smile:

I scored a 1260 on the SAT (English 730 Math 530), but I didn’t send my scores because I didn’t think they reflected me properly. At the time, I had a 4.05 for my GPA.

My ECS: I run a project called TheBlizzard Initiative, where I present to teachers how they can use anti-bias practices in the classroom; president of a women-led college readiness group called college bound girls at my school; I’ve done theater for 4 years and I teach a dance class on top of dancing for 9 years; won a national podcast competition for NHPR; interned for NEPR for a couple of months; other smaller side projects from freshmen year I did for fun.

What made me apply: we have quite a few Clark alumni who teach at my school and they have all told me how much of a “clarkie” I already am, so I gave it a try. Fell in love with the people, both staff and students, as well as how accessible it felt for me as a queer woman of color. i’m in a group chat for the EA/ED kids and they’re really convincing me to commit; they’re beautiful people.

hey gillian this is adia from the chat hahaha
i was reading your description and then i was like “this sounds familiar…” who woulda thunk…