Clark University: how good is the area of Worcester

Hi, my little sister is looking to apply for Clark. However, we are from a foreign country so we could not come to the campus for a tour. I just want to ask how safe is the area around campus?

Thank you very much for all of your suggestions!

Just came from the area of Clark campus. The campus is a pretty self-contained area in Worcester main street area. Worcester in the past used to look a little run down but lately lot of renovation and upgrading occurring due to the booming economy in MA. I would not worry about safety at all within and around campus. The campus is also surrounded by mostly housing that probably houses students and staff adding to the safety factor. If one ventures outside of campus a little farther away then you might see a little bit of run down factor in shops etc. But in general MA is safe and would not worry about it from gun violence perspective as MA regulates guns lot tighter than at national level. Worcester downtown has DCU center that gets lot of concerts and shows and that area is very safe as well. Hope that helps.

A bit older and an an emerging immigrant and middle class fabric.

in some spots which only means a buildings are a bit older and less robust shopping. People are very nice. Not dangerous.

I tried to have an open mind about it, since Worcester is supposed to be this emerging hipster spot, but I thought it still seemed very depressing. Clark’s campus was fine, but the city itself was not where my daughter wanted to be.

Loved the college and the students and staff we interacted with, but not applying die to the area. I wouldnt feel good leaving my daughter there on move in day.

Due to the area. Spelling.

I don’t have any personal experience with Worcester but have been researching a bit due to the appeal of Clark University. Here are some links that are encouraging about the improvements that have been made and the direction it is headed: