Clark University - OMG Help

So I heard the Clark University is good on financial aid, correct me if I’m wrong, but I dont know if it is academically “up there” per say.

What is its reputation, and does it prepare well in the workforce?

I dont want to go to a school where I get really low paying jobs or get a job where Im not well off prepared.

Clark should prepare you well. It is a solid school. It is has one of the best reputations of any school for psychology and geography. You can look at their LEEP program to see how they prepare students for the workforce, and you will see them on lists of colleges that send students to top law schools, etc.

If you look through CC, you will see students looking at Clark who also are looking at Brandeis, Tufts, Boston U, and the whole range of small prestigious liberal arts college from Bates to Skidmore to Vassar to Williams. Clark is much easier to get into than any of those, but its academic opportunities are great. The environment is very warm and friendly as well.

But you also need to realize that it is not mainly the college, but the student, who determines his/her future career. Your ambition and hard work will determine your future more than will the name on your diploma.