Clark University RD 2021

Noticed there wasn’t a discussion for RD. I just got my likely letter and wanted to make one before notification day!

What was the likely letter like. And what state do you happen to be in btw. Just want to know just in case it was through regular mail.

Do you mean the video from the adcom?

@redpoodles Yeah. Considering the language of the email, the personalization of it and the fact that not everyone got one, I’m assuming that students who recieved the email have a pretty solid chance of acceptance.

@Jentuu, it basically says “I’m done reviewing your application… here is a video message to thank you for applying… I can safely predict you’ll be a great fit for Clark…I hope to see you soon!” In the video, she says that decisions will be out the end of February. I’m not sure if this is particular to my child, or for everyone. I’m also not sure if the video goes to everyone accepted, or only to those being offered scholarships–so I guess it is possible that you might not get a video or the likely letter but still get accepted. All I know is my older daughter got the email/video 2 years ago and she was offered a scholarship. My guess is that making videos is time consuming so they probably would only make them for the top of the applicant pool–thus lots of people get accepted without getting this email. ??? I am completely guessing here to take that for what it’s worth. We’ll find out at the end of February, I guess!

I agree. I doubt they would have sent them to every student who was likely to be accepted.

Has anyone heard anything from Clark yet?

Not yet! I put Feb. 28 on my calendar.

They JUST called me and told me I was accepted and will find out more tomorrow. So happy!!!

My D as well. So check for emails tomorrow, everyone!

did anyone get the email yet ?

Not yet! I’m so anxious!!

I’m getting so impatient

It IS kind of odd that they havent sent the emails yet after promising them for today, yesterday in the phone calls…

Did you get the call?

yes my kid got the call yesterday. and it is now more than 24 hours since the call. weird !!

Can’t believe I got waitlisted

3.3gpa/1360 sat

I later got a 1390 sat and a substantially better essay score but i didn’t send (that was probably the reason but oh well)

well my kid got the email and the amount of merit scholarship is not competitive with other offers from schools that seem about equally attractive otherwise, so likely in a few weeks after mulling it over to be sure, my kid will release his spot for someone else …


Accepted with scholarship! Already rsvped for the accepted student open house.