Clark University RD 2023

HI All! I’ve seen in past years that some Clark RD admits have been notified as early as late February. (Website says mid March.) Just wondering if anyone has happened to have heard anything on RD applications from Clark so far this year?

nothing yet ))):

@anafdosreis Thank you! Us either, so I was just wondering since recent years seemed a little different. Best of luck to you!

Any news about RD notifications, or scholarships?

@allikori Nothing for us so far. Anxiously waiting…

For those interested, we just heard from the admissions office that they will be notifying on March 20

@rfm512 thank you so much! let’s hope we all get good news

@anafdosreis **fingers crossed for us all!! What are you interested in studying at Clark and have you visited the school?

I applied too. I hope I get accepted!

@Oranolio Good luck to you!! Is Clark a top choice for you and what is it you would like to study there?

Thanks! Holy Cross was my top choice, but I got waitlisted. Clark is my second choice, I plan to study English and Pre-law there. Also, I visited the campus it’s very nice, it makes me feel comfortable.

Ahh! I see! So you like Worcester? We’ve never been and are planning on visiting next Thursday. I’ll guess we’ll be cancelling last minute if we get bad news :)). My D definitely likes a “comfortable” campus so that is good to hear! My D is interested in psychology and art so I’m definitely nervous for her because psychology is probably super competitive at Clark since they are so well known for it. How did you feel about the general neighborhood around Clark?

It’s very safe, they even have a campus police department to protect the students. The surrounding neighborhood is the safe part of Worcester. I’ve lived in Worcester for 2 years when I was younger and I never had any issues except for when it snows down here because Worcester has a lot of hills. Also, Clark has a good location because you’re close to everything in Worcester like: Restaurants, Convenient Stores, Markets, etc. Worcester is an exciting city in my opinion. I’m sure your D would love Clark.

@Oranolio Thank you so much for the extra info! We are driving up from NYC for one day due to a tight schedule for visiting schools so the extra info is very helpful! I’m hoping for the best for my D and for you!!

Thank you! I hope you and your D enjoy your visit at Clark!

When will the decision come out?
Please rate my chances for environmental science.

EFC- max 12k.

Stats- 1300

Grades- AAAC( alevel) equivalent to AAAB(us) most rigorous course available.

Sat2- physics-750, maths lvl 2= chem=730

Recommendation-8/10, 7/10

Essay 7.5/10.

Ecas- Developed an educational website related to A-levels which is used in more than four countries.

  • Worked to find the correlation among PWV, rainfall, and temperature. The research paper is published in an international journal.
  • Certified Graphics designer.
  • Helped orphans and underprivileged to maintain hygiene and education all days while I was in high school.
  • Certified Trainer from Himlayan climate initiative. Worked to aware public to put ban on plastic bag in my country. Able to put plastic ban on 22 schools
  • President of Robotics club of school- AHs .

Rank- 16/120 ( most competitive school in Nepal)

I’m 100% sure you will get in. Your stats are very high and you contributed a lot to the community! Clark loves that.

But my family contribution in less. It might hurt my chance.

@mofhfhs I don’t believe that will hurt your chance.

Did you guys see on twitter they said they are posting decisions tomorrow!!