Clark University Transfer Students - Fall 2018

This is a thread for all transfer students who are applying to Clark University in Worcester, MA for Fall 2018. I wasn’t able to find the thread, so I thought I’d create one myself.

Are you applying to Clark? Or were you already accepted? And what do you want to major in? Where is everyone from?

Personally, I was just accepted two days ago, and Clark is one of my top choices. I would be majoring in Management as well as Law and Society. I’m from south Florida.

Looking forward to reading your responses!

Hello! I applied a few weeks ago but haven’t heard back yet.

@transfergirl17 that’s awesome! I think it usually takes them around 3 weeks to give you the decision. So hopefully you’ll hear from them soon.

I heard back today and got in!

@transfergirl17 congratulations! Is Clark one of your top choices?

@Kate0615 not yet—I haven’t visited it yet so I don’t really have a good sense of what the school is like in person. After I hear from a couple more schools I’ll try to go down and check it out, though! Is it your top choice?

@transfergirl17 it’s the same thing with me. But I really like the programs they offer. I’m hoping to visit in a few weeks. Where are you from? I’m from Florida.