Clarks Scholars Experience

Can anyone tell me how their experience was and also how competitive the application pool is? If someone also knows the acceptance rate to this program that would be great.


@kjake2000 You might be referring to the Clark Scholars program at Texas Tech. If that is the case, please see and find the appropriate forum on CC.

anyone applied?

I applied, idk how good of a shot I had but I still did

@kjake2000 how’s your stats
me too, it’s so competitive, minimal chance for me to get in

1470 psat, 34 act, 3.88 gpa, I think they are looking for much more than stats though @ArtistNatureLove

@kjake2000 that’s very true. results coming out in three days

how do you know? I never got any email or was informed of decisions day? Where did u look @ArtistNatureLove

@kjake2000 sorry, wrong blog, i meant to post that comment in the notre dame program i applied to