(CLAS)Another chance post...my B

<p>yeah i know... its getting old
but anyways...</p>

<p>I am an Asian international student who attend 'good' private school not that far from where cornell is.
my unweighted gpa is 3.7 with 1 ap class in fresh/1 in sophomore/4 in junior/3 in senior
I mostly made As in highschool with ACT composite of 32 nothing below 30...
have 800 on SAT math II and 780 on physics
took a multivariable calc class and intro material engineering class in Carnegiemellon this summer and got B and A for those two classes
I ski patrolled/ play varsity baseball all through highschool</p>

<p>and most importantly
Ive done lot of farming and green technology/sustainability stuff
because Im applying to AG as ED
Im freaking out... thanks for reading!</p>