Class and waitlist for class for different section?

<p>D is in a Math 232 class...but wants a different session that is waitlisted. Can she get on the waitilist for the second classe without dropping the first class? She doesn't want to give up a known spot.</p>

<p>Yeah, just use the swap function under the enroll tab</p>

<p>But won't the swap unenroll her from the class she's in? She doesn't want to unenroll from that one until she gets off the waitlist for the first one.</p>

<p>as long as she's not already at 17 hours, she should be able to waitlist for the other one, while still in the other math class.</p>

<p>Waitlisting for that one would put her at 19 hours.</p>

<p>If she did try to waitlist for it, would she do it via an "add" or a "swap"</p>

<p>add. swap would replace the math class she's already in.</p>

<p>Bummer, doesn't work...says she's exceeded the limit since that puts her at 19.</p>

<p>For anyone else who might also want to do this, I wanted to post that fRace04 was correct. D called the registrar's office and they said to just use swap. Swap kept both the old session and the new session she was waitlisted for on her list.</p>