Class as an extracurricular?

<p>At my school, many clubs have a designated class period. Sports even have a class period. Everything from soccer, to Robotics, to band, to Theater, to Academic Decathlon, to Newspaper. There are smaller clubs that do not have classes, but the 'big' clubs do. Does that mean these activities are no longer extracurricular? Because ALL of them take a significant amount of time and dedication both in and out of class.</p>

<p>It's still an extracurricular, I believe, but you probably shouldn't factor the time you spend doing the activity in class into your calculation of how much time you spend on said activity (the hrs/wk and wks/yr section).</p>

Agreed. They will consider this as a class and not an extracurricular, unless you talk about it in one of your essays.</p>

<p>You're extremely lucky to have club periods. We have to jam it into lunch and afterschool, etc. Are club periods common on the east coast?</p>

<p>I just realized I have a friend in the same activity that graduated last year. I guess I'll ask him how he dealt with it. Thanks for your opinions though! </p>

<p>Aryus - I'm actually not on the east coast, I'm in the south :) And for some, it's quite unlucky since all of the "club classes" fall on either first or seventh period, so it can be hard to participate in multiple activities you're interested in. And if you can't be in the class, you usually can't participate in the activity either. Last year, I wanted to be on the school's dance team, but couldn't because I already had Newspaper seventh period. It was a tough decision. I have a classmate who had to choose between Theater and Tennis. Plus, these types of activities can actually harm our rank/GPA since they're unweighted and seen as regular classes. I appreciate that we have the extra time, but there are strings attached. But we all have to make sacrifices :P</p>