Class assignments

<p>I was wondering if someone would please give me an idea as to what the typical week looks like as far as homework/assignments....</p>

<p>Generally, classes have two ways of being set up. One hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or an hour and a half on Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes there's additional classes called recitations where a TA (grad student or upperclassman undergrad) teaches material and shows you how to actually do problems or goes over homework.</p>

<p>In all of my classes I get a week to do homeworks, and they can take anywhere from half an hour to twenty hours each. It all depends on the class, the professor, your study group, and how efficient you are at working.</p>

<p>I generally did some form of homework every day of the week, though I usually preferred to take off most of Saturday and then spend all of Sunday doing work and cooking a nice dinner that I could eat leftovers from until Wednesday.</p>

<p>Plan on 2 hours of study for every 1 hour you spend in class. Every college professor I've ever met says that's what they assign to undergraduates. In practice, some classes will take more time and others less. Introductory classes that meet requirements for a lot of students tend to be on the "less" side, so if you're taking something really tough that might be a good semester to fulfill distribution requirements. The exception is freshman English -- unless you can write well and quickly you may find all the writing to be a bit much.</p>

<p>Plan on spending extra time studying for midterms and finals.</p>

<p>On your first day in each class you should get a syllabus. They may be quite long and detailed. They'll tell you what you should have read by the time you show up for each class meeting, and may well tell you exactly about things like papers and problem sets. On the other hand, your instructors may not give you the details of those things until they think the class should be ready to start. If you expect to need more time than most people to complete things like that, you can ask the instructor to give you the information in advance so you can get started.</p>

<p>The syllabus should also tell you how your grade will be calculated, what policies the instructor has for late work and makeup tests, whether there are pop quizzes, etc. All of those things will help you figure out what you need to prioritize if you should hit a week where you can't keep up with every one of your classes.</p>

<p>About how many hours a week are freshmen in class?</p>

<p>"About how many hours a week are freshmen in class?"</p>

<p>I go to class 17.25 hr/week, but the time can vary a lot based on what people are studying, whether they have labs, etc.</p>

<p>Well, I'm scheduled to go to class about 15 and change hours per week... I actually go to probably about half that.</p>

<p>I have 3 weekly problem sets, each of which takes from 1.5-5 hours, and 1 weekly programming assignment that takes between 1.5 and 7 hours. Then all the reading, which takes widely varying amounts of time depending on how much of it I actually do. Reading is assigned for each lecture and precept, 2 problem sets and the programming assignment are due on the Monday and the other pset is due on the Wednesday.</p>

<p>That's the general idea.</p>

<p>I'm taking 17 credits, and the bulk of my work is reading, which in total can be anywhere from 100 to 300ish pages MWF, plus a paper or major assignment in each class every month or so. TR I have a Comp Sci class that's super easy, but depending on how many assignments my prof gives, it can be anywhere from 20 mins to three or four hours of work.</p>